Group Leader

Dr. Alexandra Anh-Thu Weber (CV)

Alexandra is an evolutionary biologist fascinated by the mechanisms underlying the generation and maintenance of biodiversity. She uses (epi)genomic approaches to uncover the molecular underpinnings of adaptation, speciation and diversification.


Dr. Ryan Daniels

Ryan is a postdoctoral researcher with a primary interest in the interface of admixture and evolutionary trajectories (genomics, anthropology and conservation). Ryan is currently working on epigenomic (DNA methylation) responses to pollution in freshwater molluscs. Ryan’s website


Marco Giulio

Marco is a lab- (and field-) technician with particular interest and skills in molecular biology and biochemistry. He is managing the departments molecular genetics lab and is currently doing most of our “hands-on”-work in there as well.


Information on how to join the lab

Past members

Silvia Giorgia Signorini, guest researcher